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Mental Health Rehabilitation In Sandwell West Midlands


If you are a mental health professional or family member that supports a person who has enduring mental ill health who is in a hospital setting or in crisis and would like a community based rehabilitation service, we pride ourselves in offering a person centered mental health recovery service in Sandwell. 

Prosperity Housing Group is a 24 hour clinically led residential rehabilitation service for  individuals who have longer-term mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, depressive orders, bipolar disorder, eating disorder and other psychoses with some having complex comorbid issues. We provide Personalisation, Prevention, Rehabilitation for adults with mental health needs who are due to be released from hospital or who have had a mental health crisis in the community and help them to progress along a planned pathway to recovery and a more independent lifestyle.

Our residents are 18-65 years old who can stay with us from a short term and long term  basis with the aim of them managing their own tenancy or moving back home, where possible. Our ambition is to empower residents with long-term mental health conditions to receive specialist care in a supported therapeutic home environment. We encourage self- management and independence by preventing crisis escalation, improving access to other services, accelerating treatment provision, and providing effective care planning.We provide bespoke packages of care and longer lengths of stay, giving our customers the time and space they need to recover. We use a mix of evidence-based and supportive therapies, together with our Prosperity Pathway Framework. This powerful combination provides a positive journey to recovery for each individual client. Prosperity Housing Group offers a sensitive environment that enables men and women to take control of their own lives. This may then help them live independently and appropriately in the community. Prosperity Housing Group  prides itself on being diverse and accepts all adults who have mental health conditions from various religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

One of the key skills that we support people to do is to learn how to manage their own mental health while in the community and how to avoid going back to hospital. The people who stay with us have a range of conditions mostly driven by a severe mental illness and have had problems maintaining their independence. This service was designed to improve their outcomes and their quality of life by offering them rehabilitation in a homelike environment in the community. The starting point with every patient is to determine what they can do well which areas they wish to develop and how we as a team are best placed to support their goals we take a multi professional approach using the skills of doctors, nursing staff, occupational therapists social workers and healthcare systems, whilst at the same time trying to ensure that the patient can become an expert in the management of their own care.

Our clinical team work with individuals and carers to assess strengths, functional impairments, disabilities and barriers as part of a comprehensive assessment and work with individuals to identify their personal recovery goals and to agree on an approach to attaining as well as develop or regain skills, often through a series of small steps. We provide psychoeducation and relapse prevention work using cognitive–behavioural therapy for psychosis, adapted where necessary for people who have cognitive impairment. We use individually tailored behavioural approaches, medication management and monitor mental and physical health. 

We receive referrals from a range of services, these can be from adult acute inpatient wards, prisons and secure hospital facilities. These may be local or further afield. Once we screen the referral our registered nurse manager will go and assess the patient because we need to make sure that our service can meet the  individual’s needs. If we believe we can offer our service we will create a transition plan and arrange visits to our homes. It’s important that we work collaboratively with our patients, family and healthcare professionals to explore their strengths aspirations and hopes and develop individualised person centered care plans so they can start to think about a life outside of hospital. The journey for each person however is very different for some it’s about supporting them to learn new skills and ways of coping for others it’s about relearning or maintaining skills a satisfying and fulfilling life is different for all of our patients it might be about returning to work or mainstream education it might be about rebuilding social networks with family and friends it might be exploring new leisure activities or try and previously enjoyed hobbies or sports. It’s possible to recover from mental ill health in a residential setting. 

If you are a care professional, or family member and you would like to make a referral or book a visit please contact us on info@prosperityhousinggroup.co.uk or call us on 07748124316. 

We like to reassure you that we provide a service with a very high standard. We take pride in our work. Our careers are professional, passionate and polite if you need a service that goes beyond professional obligation, contact us today  at info@prosperityhousinggroup.co.uk or call us on 07748124316. 

At Prosperity Housing Group, we prosper lives for the good of the community. 

Petra Foster 

Director of Prosperity Housing Group