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Bamboo in the storm – building resilience day by day

Acknowledging you would like to take steps towards recovery from illnesses such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED) is a meaningful moment. 

These illnesses highjack your thinking, making you fearful of recovery itself. Once you have accepted your condition, sought help, and started to overcome it, transitioning to independent living is an exciting – but potentially overwhelming – next step. 

Resilience Is The Key

Key to treatment is building resilience, both in your emotional coping, and with interpersonal coping, to move away from relying on managing your food intake as a response to stress, sadness or lack of control in your life. 

Those with a high degree of emotional resilience are able to manage crises and daily stresses more effectively. Some people are more genetically predisposed to emotional and physical resilience, but it is also a skill you can develop – and one which we can support in our transitional living facility. 

There Is No 10-Step Programme

How can you build this trait? There is no 10-step programme, but switching your perspective can help. Going from viewing a negative situation you are facing as a challenge to overcome rather than a difficulty you can’t, can be a positive first step, as is being emotionally aware of what you are feeling and why. Accept acceptance – pain and change are part of being alive; knowing that it comes, goes, and you can survive, is vital. Be mindful – a lifelong practice which can teach you to exist in the present moment and not dwell on the past or fret about the future.

Be Like Bamboo In The Storm

The Japanese culture takes much symbolism from the bamboo plant; it bends, but does not break in the storm. Its foundation is solid and while even the most vigorous storm will eventually settle, bamboo stays standing tall. What looks weak, can in fact be strong – the plant isn’t always impressive to behold, but can survive a typhoon. Finding wisdom in emptiness – just as the bamboo plant is hollow, emptying your mind of preconceptions, pride and fear can open you to more possibilities. And finally, committing to growth – bamboo can grow up to 36’’ in 24 hours. However far you’ve come to get here, however far you’ve got to go, you always have an amazing potential for growth. 

A key To Recovery Is Social Contact

But recovery in a vacuum in hard; a key to recovery is social contact, a community. Living with your illness often means you become accustomed to living with lies and subterfuge. Imagine the freedom that would come from letting that go. We firmly believe living in supported housing will set you on the path to the future you have earned and so fully deserve.

Once we accept we will embrace resilience, it can contribute to a journey towards a place from which you can recover.

So, what’s next?

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