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Prosperity Housing Group offers a 24-hour least restrictive option to treatment, a Supported Living Service for people who are experiencing mental health issues who do not require an inpatient provision.  Our evidence based framework is a planned pathway to – 

  • Increased independence for adults with mental health needs 
  • Education of patients to manage their condition 
  • Improve the quality of assessment and initial diagnosis to reduce the risk of deterioration 
  • Managed mental health
  • Increase physical health and well being
  • Recovery focused 
  • Self harm reduction 
  • Facilitate the transfer of patients from hospital to our homes 
  • Reduction in lengthy hospital stays 
  • Prevention of readmission to inpatient care
  • Education of patients to manage their condition 
  • Early assessment and intervention for mental health conditions  
  • Continuing health and social care in the community
  • More choice and control and independence therefore living more fulfilled lives 

Prosperity Housing Group prides itself on being diverse and accepts all adults who have mental health conditions from various religious, cultural, ethnic and sexual orientation backgrounds. The Prosperity Housing Group care professionals work alongside the resident to identify and eliminate barriers that result in extended stays in hospital, with the aim of preventing admission/readmission into inpatient treatment. We promote integrated discharge planning which involves collaboration with hospital services, GPs, public health nurses and other professionals to adopt a client centred approach to discharge and a smooth transition into our residential care. This also assists with a reduction in lengthy hospital stays and a prevention of readmission as service users do not remain in inpatient care longer than necessary. We provide a comprehensive range of mental health services and help adults to progress along a planned pathway to a more independent lifestyle.

Our Values

  • Safe and secure transitional supported living for adults with complex mental health needs. We support our clients to overcome obstacles, maximise their potential, fulfil their purpose and have a prospering internal state. We accept nationwide applicants.
  • We’re Professional, we offer a sensitive environment that enables marginalised people to address issues pertinent to their specific needs to focus on striving for independence.
  • We’re Sensitive We build on self esteem through positive reinforcement. We help to develop their social skills through group living experience.
  • We offer a culturally competent service and support for an increasingly diverse community and aim to reduce the seclusion of BAME groups.
  • People in recovery should be supported in taking part in normal community based activities rather than mental health service based activities., doing normal things in the community,
  • Recovery support can take place in the community
  • We advocate peer support for people in recovery